Signs you're veering from good API design

Phil Jackson - 2013-07-03
Every developer sets out to make their REST API perfect when they start writing it, but, at least from this author's experience, it often veers as requirements pour in. The following is a small checklist of things that might indicate you're veering too far.

Protect your data - keep it in your network

Phil Jackson - 2013-06-11
With the recent uproar regarding the NSA monitoring various forms of our traffic, ApiAxle might be a large step in securing your data and user information.

Beautiful APIs and dogfood

Phil Jackson - 2013-05-01
The secular trend towards APIs is seemingly unbounded. Out of the excitement will come established companies wanting to get their slice of the pie and experimenting with presenting their data through a programmable interface. How do you go about designing one considering current architecture?

Handy Git tips to stop you getting fired

Phil Jackson - 2013-04-07
Below are some tips which might just stop you making that one horrible mistake that makes your CTO wonder if your probationary period is over.

Storing time series statistics in Redis

Stuart Quin - 2013-04-05
The following is the tale describing the creation of a flexible strategy for storing time series statistical data in Redis.

Screencast showing how to install ApiAxle

Phil Jackson - 2013-03-27
This screencast will take you through installing a functioning ApiAxle system on a new Ubuntu server.

Fetching multiple resources with one request

Phil Jackson - 2013-03-18
It's a common problem when designing an API but there's no definitive way to return multiple resources within a single request that fits in with peoples perception of an idealistic REST implementation. Here I discuss some options.

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What is ApiAxle?

ApiAxle is a proxy that sits on your network, in front of your API(s) and manages things that you shouldn't have to like rate limiting, authentication and analytics. It's fast, open and easy to configure. Read more