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Phil Jackson - 2013-06-11

With the recent uproar regarding the NSA monitoring various forms of our traffic, ApiAxle might be a large step in securing your data and user information.

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The recently exposed behaviour of the US government hardly needs to be re-hashed here; at one point every single link on the front page of Hacker News was pointing to content on the matter. It’s a massive scandal and will have repercussions on how we do business over the internet from now on. There have been reports of people and companies moving their data from US soil, developers have released a plethora of tools to encrypt your data - from p2p traffic to your Gtalk correspondence to your browser bookmarks. Encouragingly, this has been taken very seriously indeed.

If you maintain an API which exposes sensitive data - including your customer’s names/email addresses and API keys - you should consider where exactly that data is travelling to and how much control you have over it. Do you actually control the user data? If you’re using a cloud-based API management solution, then probably not. You can’t possibly know whether or not an organisation/government is accessing that information. Bringing your API into your network will help you control that - it will be your lawyers who deal with data requests, it’ll be your sysops who keep an eye on the network and everything accessing it.

At no point does ApiAxle call home. Not even the enterprise dashboard offering that we have planned will be cloud-based. All of your data remains just that, yours. Installing ApiAxle is very easy to do, you can be up and running in 20 minutes for which you’ll get the things you would expect from an API proxy like rate limiting, authentication, key and keyring management. Our API will give you advanced statistics that let you see what’s happening on your API in real-time or over the span of a couple of years.

So have a peek at our product overview, install and enjoy knowing your API’s data is only going to people to who you explicitly allow access.

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